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Only you know what a more fulfilling life is for you. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. Think about it.

What does a fulfilling life look like to you? Can you see it? Can you feel it?

We must clearly comprehend the exact details of what we want our life to be. Without clarity, it is difficult to get there. Unfortunately, the world is turned on at high volume and consistently drowning out our subtle quiet inner voice.

Our intuitive voice has trouble rising above the clamor.

A soul seeker wants to reconnect within and seek guidance from their intuitive inner self. It is a journey that requires time in quiet contemplation. It also involves committing to a life of constant learning. We are here as humans to rise to our highest potential.      An intention of learning is beneficial to this achievement.

In this academy, we do not believe in exclusion, only inclusion. Therefore, the lessons we present are accessible to everyone. We offer soul nibbles, soul bites, and some occasional hearty soul food. These lessons are short, simple, and enjoyable.                           Think of them as little “tapas treats” of higher consciousness living.

So, what are you in the mood for? What is your curiosity “du jour?”

We believe the tools we offer here will assist you to inquire within and illuminate the most accurate version of yourself.

Pass the glow…



Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Inquire and receive a free audio lesson  which covers the basics of chakras and their corresponding mantras and mudras along with a relaxing guided meditative chakra cleansing.

Free Guided Yogic Breathing Video Instruction

Inquire and receive a free introduction to yogic breathing (Pranayama) personally guided by Dr. Carolyn George. Breathing is an amazing tool for relaxation and to banish brain fog.

Facebook 1-Minute Mindfulness Page

Got a minute? Visit our 1-Minute Mindfulness Facebook page for daily one-minute mindful exercises which should assist you with clarity.


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