Who Are We?

Who are we?
We are a group of like-minded women (who met at our children's Montessori school) who feel that creative collaboration has the potential to break barriers and boundaries.

We are passionate about inclusion and made a commitment to make every product on this website accessible to everyone.

We are all moms. Otherwise, we are an entrepreneur/writer who lived in Bali about 25 years, a Functional Medical doctor who worked in the ER for 26 years and a family educator who taught Montessori and grew up in Eastern Europe.

We each have our specialty of knowledge, but all share a commitment to the highest good and greatest potential, health and vitality, and truth to one’s self. We would love to have you join us on a journey to discovery.

Pass the Glow...

Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Inquire and receive a free audio lesson  which covers the basics of chakras and their corresponding mantras and mudras along with a relaxing guided meditative chakra cleansing.

Free Guided Yogic Breathing Video Instruction

Inquire and receive a free introduction to yogic breathing (Pranayama) personally guided by Dr. Carolyn George. Breathing is an amazing tool for relaxation and to banish brain fog.

Facebook 1-Minute Mindfulness Page

Got a minute? Visit our 1-Minute Mindfulness Facebook page for daily one-minute mindful exercises which should assist you with clarity and connection.


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