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Welcome to Soul Seeker Academy! You have taken the first step to cultivating your mind-body-soul connection.

What is this? 

This is an all-inclusive learning space accessible to everyone. I believe we are entering a time of higher consciousness and the seekers are in full-bloom. I believe we are becoming more curious and less likely to follow dogma dictated by others. I believe it is time to reach within ourselves and discover the authentic being within who wants to guide us through each day with  intuition and insight. We have created this space to share the knowledge we have, listen to others, and build a community where seekers can join together  and share ideas.

Pass the Glow...

Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Inquire and receive a free audio lesson  which covers the basics of chakras and their corresponding mantras and mudras along with a relaxing guided meditative chakra cleansing.

Free Guided Yogic Breathing Video Instruction

Inquire and receive a free introduction to yogic breathing (Pranayama) personally guided by Dr. Carolyn George. Breathing is an amazing tool for relaxation and to banish brain fog.

Facebook 1-Minute Mindfulness Page

Got a minute? Visit our 1-Minute Mindfulness Facebook page for daily one-minute mindful exercises which should assist you with clarity.


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