How Did You Get Here?


We want you to ponder HOW you got here to Soul Seeker Academy. And we don’t mean, just an ad. We want you think about how you’ve been feeling lately. What’s been going on in your life? Has your meddling mind been taking over and convincing you to feel fear and uncertainty?

The tools we offer here can assist you in finding some bliss by teaching you how to take contemplative measures to cultivate your mind-body-soul connection. When you elevate these three elements of self to optimal levels – your personal power will fire up and you will glow.

Pass the Glow...

Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Inquire and receive a free audio lesson  which covers the basics of chakras and their corresponding mantras and mudras along with a relaxing guided meditative chakra cleansing.

Free Guided Yogic Breathing Video Instruction

Inquire and receive a free introduction to yogic breathing (Pranayama) personally guided by Dr. Carolyn George. Breathing is an amazing tool for relaxation and to banish brain fog.

Facebook 1-Minute Mindfulness Page

Got a minute? Visit our 1-Minute Mindfulness Facebook page for daily one-minute mindful exercises which should assist you with clarity.


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