Listen to your inner voice! What are you supposed to do next?

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Make your Saturdays Soulful with our Weekly Signature 1-Minute Mindfulness Insights and Bonus PDF Recap-Your-Week Soul Sheet

Tools such as pranayama, chakras, chanting, mudras, gratitude, journaling and meditation assist with opening the tap of your consciousness. Come on. Turn up the volume on your subtle inner voice. It's really easy, and it will change your life.



What is Soul Seeker Academy? First and foremost, it is an all-inclusive platform where everyone who has a desire to  seek within is welcome. Therefore, all our learning tools are accessible to everyone.

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It’s more important than ever to connect with our soul’s purpose. As we get deeper into the Age of Aquarius which is the true age of knowledge, many of us will feel the urge to explore within. It is time to open the tap.

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Listen. Your soul, inner voice, divine, whatever you want to call it is guiding you all the time.  Ancient yogic practices such as mantras, meditation and chanting can pull us inward and turn up the volume on our intuition.

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We are soul seekers. We believe in achieving our greatest potential. We are passionate about health, relationships, connections, and the deeper meaning of life. We are excited to share what we have learned.

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Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Inquire and receive a FREE audio lesson which covers the basics of chakras and their corresponding mantras and mudras along with a relaxing guided meditative chakra cleansing.

Free Guided Yogic Breathing Video

Inquire and receive a FREE introduction to yogic breathing (Pranayama) personally guided by Dr. Carolyn George. Breathing is a powerful tool for relaxation and to banish brain fog.

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Got a minute? Visit our 1-Minute Mindfulness Facebook page for daily one-minute mindful exercises which should assist you with focus and clarity.

Learning is a lifelong journey. Join us with these selections of bite-size lessons that will satiate your curiosity with ease and clarity.

Taking care of your health is a lifetime endeavor. It starts with really listening to your body and  utilizing tools for stress relief.


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